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Cecilia Coto is a graphic designer and an illustrator with a keen ability to make designs that range from fun and playful to serious and classic.
She specializes and loves creating striking character logos, cartoon logos, identities, and traditional or classic logos.

2015 has been an excellent doorway,  opportunity to develop her skills as an illustrator and designer. Cecilia is a naturally creative person and passionate about illustration because it is a way to show all her creativity in a project.

Originally from and still residing in a little country in Central America not many people know of called El Salvador. She spends her time working with new clients to create  art, and enjoying  her large and close family. Her passions are traveling, watching movies and eating sushi.

All of Cecilia’s clients have given high praises for her work that is featured in many countries like United States, Switzerland, Canada, England, and Singapore. She is humbled and very  glad that she can make so many people happy with her art and creations.


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